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Hello, Fellow Traveler!

My name is Jim Huryk (aka The Lanky Lad), and I am an artist for hire. I am eager to bring your vision to life whether it be a commissioned piece, digital graphics, a mural or anything involving art. I love getting to know people and sharing in the creative process to bring their ideas into the world. Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to work on something awesome with you!

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My Story

 I feel like my passion to draw and illustrate was always with me but I didn't find it until later in life. Sure I would doodle in the edges of my notebook and draw in art class as a kid but I never realized how valuable art was to me until I went to college. I went to the University of Delaware majoring in Biology, which seemed like a smart decision as I have a fascination with science, but my heart really wasn't in it. 

In college, I was introduced to so many different worlds and a freedom that I never experienced ever in my life. It was a lot of fun but I felt myself tunneling into a depression filled with anxiety and no way to handle it. I really questioned everything around me and I felt that I had no solid ground to stand on. I made my way back home after dropping out of school which was a tough decision. When I was home I found an old sketchbook I had with about two drawings in it. I picked it up and started drawing with whatever markers I had at home. I found myself getting lost in the drawing so I did another and another and another and I have never stopped. After I got back on my feet I got accepted and graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in Graphic Design.

With art I am able to get lost in my imagination and create something out of nothing. No matter what happens in my life I know I'll always be drawing and creating until my final days. I'm so happy to share my art with you and even happier that you are able to stop by. Stay great and remember your fellow travelers.


Thanks for stopping by and can't wait to work on something awesome with you! 

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